Collaborative Innovation


Zhuhai Social Development Science and Technology Plan Project - Research and Development Project for the Mechanism and Operation and Maintenance Early Warning System of the Coupling of Strong Typhoon and Temperature Fields on Large Building Roofs


The "Innovation and Application of Key Technologies of Sports Center in Zhaoqing New District" jointly completed with Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute and Guangzhou University won the second prize of Science and Technology of Guangdong Civil Architecture Society


Participated in the compilation of industry standard CECS "Technical Regulations for Testing Building Metal Envelope System" Guangzhou University building civil engineering graduate training base was established


China Metallurgical Group "Steel Structure Building Certification Project Research" and "Research on Key Technologies of prefabricated Steel Structure Building Certification" project. Participated in the compilation of industry standard CECS "Welding Stainless Steel roofing engineering technical standard", the first meeting was held in Beijing.


Participated in the compilation of the Test Method of Wind Resistance of Metal roofing Part 1: Static Pressure Method Participated in the compilation of the national Standard "Building Metal Enclosure System Testing, Identification and Reinforcement Technical Standard", and completed the verification test of "Standard" in Zhuhai laboratory